2015 Wedding Trends: Art Deco

In 1925 at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes a new style of art and architecture known as Arts Décoratif (later shortened to simply Art Deco) was brought to light. The new design style which emphasized color, geometry, and order skyrocketed in popularity and was embraced by artists, architects, and designers around the globe. In the 1960s, Art Deco made a comeback when people embraced the grand, luxurious, and modern style in countless areas ranging from interior design to jewelry. Now, almost a century after its original introduction, Art Deco is making a second resurgence in a beautiful way: weddings.

The Big Debate: Floral Crown or Veil?


Our consultants at Deborah’s Bridal say: BOTH!

Who says you have to decide between the traditional look of a veil and the beauty of a flower crown? At Deborah’s Bridal we are strong supporters of mixing classic bridal accessories with stylish new trends. After all, there are plenty occasions when you can rock a floral crown (can anyone say “Coachella”?) but there is only one special day that you can wear a veil!

The Third Most Important Person at the Wedding


Mom was probably one of the first people you called the second that ring was on your finger and she’s been by your side through the whole process since then. You’ve turned to her dozens of times for her opinion on everything from the font of the place cards to choosing your wedding dress. Your wedding day is a special day for her too, so its important to make sure she looks and feels beautiful. We asked one of our consultants, Caryn (we like to call her “The Mom Whisperer”), for some tips on how to make sure mom looks her best.