Bachelorette Party Games!


1.  “Toss the Bouquet”

   Play this game just as you would “hot potato.” Start by making a circle of chairs and grab your ladies. Start your favorite music and start tossing. When the music stops, whoever has the flowers is “out.” The last woman standing is the winner!

2. “Who am I?”

   For this game, have your guests write down a favorite memory with the bride. The bride will read them out loud and guess who wrote it.

3. “Ring Hunt”

   Hide various rings (fakes, of course!) in and around your party. Whoever collects the most rings by the end of the party, wins! Happy hunting!

4. “The Panty Game”

   Have each guests bring a new pair of panties (in the brides size) that reflects their personality. The bride then guesses who brought each pair. The bride decides which pair is the “best” and ultimate winner.

5. “Blushing Bride”

   For this game, start with a make-up free photo of the bride, a blindfold and makeup. Can you see where this is going? Blindfold each guest and have them “paint” on the brides wedding day makeup. The bride will be the judge of who made her most beautiful!

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