10 Things to do the Night Before Your Wedding

Face Mask:
Surprise! Let’s not pretend we didn’t know this classic would be on the list. It’s like a rite of passage for any slumber party. But, there are certain rules that need to be followed for pre-wedding slumbers. Make sure you use a gentle, hydrating mask; absolutely no exfoliating or buffing. You don’t want to use anything abrasive that can cause redness or swelling. This is also an opportunity for some very cute photo- ops with your ‘maids.’
Eye Cream:
Avoid the all-dreaded dark circles, bags or puffiness with a great under eye cream before bed-time. If you cannot afford a fancy cream, I hate to say it ladies….but, hemorrhoid cream. It isn’t just an urban legend and it actually works wonders for the girl on a budget and who doesn’t love to save a few bucks?
To further the benefits of your beauty products, make sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and glowing from within. Shine bright my little diamonds!
Watch a Flick:
Kick your feet up, relax and throw in your favorite romantic comedy or wedding-themed movie. It's a great way to get in some laughs and reduce any last minute excited energy that's lingering around. Enjoy some light, healthy movie snacks and cozy up!
No Booze:
Which brings me to my next order of business, skip the booze the night before the big day. Although indulging in some celebratory cocktails might seem like a no-brainer, it's actually quite the opposite. Alcohol causes inflammation, bloating and the obvious, hangovers. I've heard some pretty crazy wedding day hangover horror stories. You want to wake up feeling amazing, so indulge in some fun, delicious "mocktails" instead!
Limit contact with the groom:
By this point, you are probably used to sharing everything with one another, but try and keep some of the mystery the night before. It will make the moment you see him on your big day that much more exciting. Shy away from social media as well and try to stay in the moment for these special hours.
Honeymoon check-in:
If you are leaving for your honeymoon promptly after the wedding, now is a good time to finalize any last minute travel plans, check-in for your flight and pay for any checked baggage. It will make traveling much less of a headache and remove any unnecessary worry so that you can focus on what is really important.
Take a minute to go over any last minute wedding checklists and make sure your bags are ready and packed with all your wedding day essentials. You're almost there!
Set a bedtime:
Set a realistic bedtime and try to stick with it! You might want to allow for a little extra time to fall asleep too. I'm sure your excitement will be running rampant by now!
Write a letter to your future hubby:
Writing has always helped to calm my mind so the night before my wedding, I crawled into bed and put the pen to paper. Write down any thoughts or feelings you may be having and then have your mom., maid-of-honor or one of your bridesmaids deliver it to him before you take your walk down the aisle.

You've officially made it and your big day is just around the corner. Soak up every moment of this truly special time and SMILE! You're about a be a "Mrs!"

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